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2WW Symptoms

I was so positive I was pregnant practically the minute it happened. I just felt different. I know it must sound insane to some but to be honest I have always been very in tune with my body and have always been able to feel slight changes. Maybe that's also why I've always tended to be a hypochondriac of sorts.

Since I knew right away I was tortured because I couldn't test until at least 5 days before my period was due to arrive - and even then, sometimes results don't appear until after you period is scheduled to start.

So I surfed the web for anything I could find on what is infamously known as the two week wait. For you amateurs out there, the 2WW refers to two weeks between the the day you ovulate and the day your period may (or may not) arrive.

I found tons of sites where women posted their symptoms daily while anxiously awaiting their results. All I can say is that I know that we are extremely lucky to have gotten pregnant with Nugget as quickly as we did because some couples try for months, even years before they get their BFP. My 2WW was agonizing enough as it is. 336 hours is a long time to wait for results.

Here are my 2WW symptoms. I got my BFP at 11dpo, immediately after we began TTC.

Ovulation CD 15

Usual intense mittelschmerz
1dpo: Cramping in lower abdomen
2dpo: Very emotional and weepy, DH & I BD’d, cramping in abdomen and on left ovary
3dpo: Took HPT #1 (silly I know, but I "just knew") and obviously got a BFN, cramping and tightening in lower abdomen as though I had done 1,000 sit-ups, gassy, very hungry, napped in the late afternoon after work, woke up and my abdomen felt really, really, really full
4dpo: AF type intense cramps, gassy, napped in the afternoon after work, hungry in the mornings and nauseous in the evenings; I have that feeling in the back of my throat that I may toss my cookies at any moment, took Pepto for heartburn and nausea, frequent urination, BBs painful on the sides and nipples painful to the touch, BBs are veiny especially on my right breast around the areola leading to my nipple (DH says they are always like that but I disagree), BBs feel fuller but they are big already so I’m not sure!
5dpo: AF cramping in the AM and randomly throughout the day until the evening when they miraculously lessoned…they were so bad this morning that I thought AF was making an early visit, strong feelings of fatigue, mild dizziness and disorientation while shopping, nauseous but eating, craving sugary foods, BBs and nipples not as tender, more pronounced veins on BBs, veins on upper arms but less obvious, tried to nap in the early afternoon but couldn’t, some shooting pains in lower to mid back, FAMISHED in the evening
6dpo: I woke up at 1:30AM with the worst heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and nausea I have ever had in my entire life, took 8 tablespoons of Pepto and tried to go back to bed but couldn’t, finally got to sleep and experienced mild cramping above my belly button (which could have been the heartburn, who knows?), woke up and took HPT #2 and got a BFN, famished and ate, more AWFUL heartburn, took 2 small glasses of soy milk instead or Pepto and it has helped a lot…now I am afraid to eat, feeling wet like AF has come early but sure enough no AF, cramping has calmed down a little but the cramps are still there, napped in the afternoon and awoke to sharp cramp like pains on left side, weepy, more mild heartburn, gassy, BBs still sore, less cramping in the evening, creamy CM
7dpo: I woke up at 2AM with bad heartburn but didn’t take anything for it instead I propped myself up on pillows and elevated my legs, experienced intense AF type cramps in my lower abdomen and back and was sure she had arrived this time…again…but nope, stayed up until about 4AM, mild heartburn throughout the day, indigestion, EWCM, dull low grade nausea almost all morning and afternoon, BBs hurt when I walk, I am noticing pronounced veins in my BBs, shoulders, arms & thighs but DH disagrees, I can also swear that my areola are darker and my right one is larger, I can’t lay on my BBs
8dpo: Symptom free all morning…almost like they disappeared overnight…doubting that I am PG…Heartburn less but noticeable, very mild AF cramping, extremely sore BBs and EXTREMELY painfully sore nipples poor DH can’t even touch them, broken blood vessel on my left BB, DH noticed enlarged vein in left BB and noticed darker areola and enlarger right areola, dull low grade nausea, felt fatigued, lightheaded, dizzy and shaky legged at the mall, a lot of EWCM, depressed and weepy, gassy,
9dpo: Woke up and took 2 HPT, FRER & CBED (test #3 & #4) and got 2 BFN - I will not be testing again until next Saturday, tingling in nipples first thing in the morning, bad AF cramping, very very minor heartburn, extremely sore BBs and nipples (hurts when I walk)
10dpo: Woke up at 2AM (I am noticing that I am always up between 1:30 and 2AM these days) sweaty and HOT with intense AF cramps, poking pain in my left side and tingling nipples, BBs are unbearable if I am not wearing a bra...a towel against my nipples hurts so badly, BBs look black and blue almost bruised from the pronounced veins, pain in lower back, constant nausea and cramping - I know I say it a million times but I swear AF is coming :(, bad nausea especially after I eat, pronounced stretch marks on my breasts, tummy and back, mild heartburn, BD'd and got bad cramping after orgasming in lower left abdomen and BBs are on fire they are the most agonizingly painful they have ever been I had to put a sports bra on because I wanted to cry every time my nipples touched my tank top, my nipples feel like they are on fire I am so uncomfortable, so incredibly fatigued, I feel really hot...not sweaty, but like I am running a fever, did I mention VERY SORE BBs?
11dpo: Woke up last night at around 1AM and I was drenched in sweat, my comforter was drenched in sweat, I had AF cramping, very sore BBs, and craving OJ. I couldn't go back to bed for hours and was constantly urinating, had vivid dreams of P-ingOAS and getting positives, also had vivid nightmares, woke up, caved and took HTP #5 with FRER and got a BFP!!!!!! It immediately turned positive albeit faint and got much darker as the minutes passed!!!!!!!!!!! Felt nauseous and crampy all the way to work and had slight heartburn after breakfast. Nauseous all day and more cramping, napped when I got home but was woken up (I'm sure I would have slept for hours), woke up and felt very flushed, hot pink cheeks, more cramping after orgasm, more cramping, hungry. Took HPT #6 with FRER last night before bed and got another BFP. No disappearing lines, BTW. They stayed nice and prominent :D
12dpo: Woke up at 4AM and took HPT #7 with FRER and HPT #8 with CBED. Got BFP on both with FRER's reading a significantly stronger BFP thank yesterday and CBED reading: PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't go back to bed and stayed up until it was time t o get ready for work, cramping especially on the left side, sore BBs - so sore that I've been having to sleep with my bra on, BBs are soooo heavy that I can't even walk without a bra on, constant low-grade nausea, mild heartburn after almost anything I eat, dizzy when I stand up after lying down, shooting pain in my right leg at bedtime, cloudy urine. Again, no disappearing lines. All my tests read the same way from when I took them and my CBED still reads PREGNANT. I constantly look at them for reassurance. I can't believe it! We are so excited!
13dpo: I woke up with more cloudy urine, cramping and sore heavy BBs, I think I have sciatica pains in my upper left leg and extreme lower back pain, feeling good otherwise.
14dpo: Bad crampy AF cramps and tender BBs, a lot of CM, some nausea, very hungry and tired and feeling warm
15dpo: More bad crampy AF cramps, sore BBs, a lot of CM, some nausea, very hungry and tired - napping almost every day now, feeling warm
16dpo: Woke up at 4AM with heartburn and awful AF cramps, BBs are so sore it feels like they were used as bags, have been urinating every 2 hours since 4AM

For the record, I didn't stop getting bad crampy feelings until I was almost 8 weeks along. Now I am getting round ligament pain, mostly on my left side. Tomorrow I am 10 weeks exactly and I feel fatigued, nauseated, and my breasts are sore as all hell (I am never without a bra). I am urinating like crazy, sometimes 5 times a night. Also, before getting pregnant I used to get chronic headaches but that has subsided. I do get the occasional headache but nothing like before...which is surprising since I quit caffeine and Excedrin cold turkey and never looked back. I also stopped eating anything with artificial sweeteners in it and I am really beginning to think that was the reason for all the headaches in the first place.

I'm off to get ready for Norman's holiday party.

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